Saturday, March 26, 2011


So let's all give me a hearty boo for my level of commitment to this blog...
Apologies! I know, crappy, crappy, crappy. I've been super busy though, to make excuses! With showfit, work, cleaning my room, seeing shows, and so on and so forth I just haven't had the time to blog. But I promise I will make up for it now! Get ready for a super blog!

So back to the 30 day song challenge. I believe I was up to...

Day 3: A song that makes you happy.

Send Me on My Way - Rusted Root

Most of you will know this song from the movie, Matilda. I don't know whether it's because I love that movie so much, or because the song itself it great, it just always puts a smile on my face without fail. There's just something so positive and upbeat about it. It's not a song that you really dance to, or sing along well mostly because you can't understand a word the singer is singing. However, it's the kind of song you picture very happy movie montages (such as Matilda) happening to, where everything is going beautifully and happily and there's too much joy to possible be legal.
Just a beautiful song.

Day 4: A song that makes you sad.

The Letter - Billy Elliot

Even just singing this song in my head makes me teary. It is a song of a letter that Billy's mum wrote him for when he was 18. She knew she was going to die, so this is half a goodbye letter and half a way for her to remind him, when he is older, that she still loves him and watches over him. It is a duet with some beautiful harmonies, but it's not necessarily the music that makes me sad, just the lyrics.

And I will have missed you growing,
And I'll have missed you crying
And I'll have missed you laugh.
Missed your stomping and your shouting,
I'll have missed telling you off,
But please Billy,
Know that I was always there.
I was with you through everything.

Day 5: A song that reminds you of someone.

I think I have lots of answers for this one. Songs that I've performed with people always remind me of them, like when I think of 'How Does She Know' from Enchanted I think of Manford (Haven't used your codename in a while!!) because we were partners in that dance at YABC. Whenever I hear 'Tribute' by Jack Black I think of Monkey because that's our song that we like to rock out to randomly. Music is a huge part of my life, and the songs I sing and perform with people, or just the songs I listen to with them, really connect me to them.

Day 6: A song that reminds you of somewhere.

Hmmm... This one's a bit tougher. It's hard to think of these off the top of your head without your memory actually being triggered from the song. I cannot think of one!! If one comes into my head I'll post it later on but for now I've got nothing. Sorry!

Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event.

I wouldn't say this is an event per se, but I always think of it when I hear this song. 'Lovely Day' - it starts off, "When I wake up in the morning light, and the sunlight hurts my eyes."
It takes me straight back to primary school when I was becoming friends with my now best friends. Screws and I were on her trampoline after school making up dance routines that really involved no dancing, just bouncing, running and singing loudly. We did a little routine to this song and when the lyrics said "Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, LOVEly day, lovely day, lovely day, ahhhh..." We ran around the trampoline in a circle throwing our arms up and down and collapsing when we sung 'ahhh'. We thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Our parents, who were forced to watch, probably thought the opposite but oh well. We had a heck of a time!

Day 8: A song that you know all the words to.

Well, not to blow my own horn but... I kind of know a lot of lyrics... *tosses hair* It's no biggie.
I love learning lyrics and knowing songs so I tend to learn quite a lot. But most notably, I suppose my thorough knowledge of every single song on the Jesus Christ Superstar album is my crowning glory. I know the lyrics to ever single song. I can sing the whole album from start to finish basically. Can you tell I love it?

SO I think that's enough for now! I've sufficiently caught up! Time to make some homemade pizzas - YAY!

Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day #2

My Least Favourite Song

I am a big BIG disney fan. So when someone destroys a beautiful disney classic, boy do I get angry. And when I get angry... I rant on my blog - SO WATCH OUT!

Ashley Tisdale.
Kiss The Girl.
The Little Mermaid.

These three phrases should NEVER be used in a sentance, but unfortunantly and much to my horror, they are. Ashley Tisdale has outraged me with her pop-ified version of the Little Mermaid classic, Kiss the Girl. Far from the style of the Jamaican crab who should be singing this son, Ashley Tisdale sings the song like a pop princess which, in it's own genre is just fine, but when she is taking an old loved disney hummable tune sung by animated animals and sings, "Go on and kiss the guuuuuuurlah!" I just want to form an army of true disney fans to march to her house with pitchforks and flaming torches and say, "NO. Ashley Tisdale. NO."

Lets pray to god no one ever desecrates the magic that is disney ever again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge!

Yay for music! To show how much I can't live without music, I thought I'd do this 30 day song challenge and share some of the songs I love/hate. So here you go!

Day 1: Your favourite song.

Okay, please forgive my first answer being a no-answer, but I actually can't pin point a single song as being my favourite. My favourite changes pretty much every day, and I can't possibly list all the favourite songs I have ever had. Also, the thing about loving musicals is that I listen to the whole album, and generally go through a favourite musical stage more then a favourite song stage.

I can tell you the song that I have had stuck in my head so I at least name SOMETHING and that's 'Legally Blonde' from the musical Legally Blonde. It is such a beautiful song, but not only that, it is so heartfelt and sad, and when Emmette (is that how you spell his name?) joins in it gets even sadder. Do yourself a favour and listen to the Legally Blonde soundtrack if you haven't already. It sounds like it would be a terrible movie-musical conversion but it is actually fantastic, and you simply can't get enough of the music!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Pushing

Hi all!!

I'm advertising a new blog today, written by my wonderful sister.
Not only does she write well, but her blog is far more practical then mine because she gives yummy recipes for you all to steal! So those of you that like cooking/baking, head on over to her blog and have a squiz:


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Devil vs. Angel

We all know that famous image of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, whispering things to you and contradicting each other until you're left relatively insane. While I am not yet insane, and I don't have visible angels/devils lurking around my body, I finally understand how this saying came about.

Doing my new musical theatre course, we are expected to do a certain amount of failing in order to learn and develop. We also need to get out of our comfort zone constantly and push ourselves to the limit. As much as I've wanted to do this, I have had trouble with my voice and have had to rest as much as possible, so I haven't been able to really put myself out there. I am now on the mend and have my first fortnightly 'Mock Audition' - this week is for Drowsy Chaperone. I'm singing a song I am fairly comfortable with, it is a genre I am fairly comfortable with. What I am not entirely comfortable with is the idea of varying my normal audition performance (stand, sing, emote and that's it). I am not used to putting on more of a show for an audition and this is what I am going to do. The past few day though, I have caught myself thinking, "Oh, forget about that. Just sing how you usually sing."

Normally, I think I would listen to myself. But I've been so constantly reminded to put myself out there and make risks and fail that I heard this thought kind of objectively and said, "No! Emily, take the risk. if you fall on your ass, so be it."
There you go. Devil and Angel. One telling me to be safe and stay in my comfort zone, the other telling me to go for it.
In a way it is natural to want to stay safe. It's part of human nature isn't it? Life preservation. Defense. But the strange thing about performing is that you have to break down those walls of basic animalism. Why do people get nervous or afraid if they have to perform? Because basic instinct is telling them not to. It's saying 'This is different and scary and maybe you should sit in the corner and wait until everyone forgets about you."

On our first day at Showfit we had to do an exercise that involved doing something totally against human instinctual nature - run across a room with our eyes closed. Our bodies were saying "STOP FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!" and a lot of people did stop. But the point was we meet that same brick wall when performing. The exercise told us that we have to take out our trusty sledgehammer and knock down that wall.

So while my fear, insecurities and basic human nature is telling me to stay safe, and not put myself in a situation where I could look stupid or fail, I am learning to ignore that... to an extent. I'm not actually going to go running down the street with my eyes closed exclaiming 'Look at my utter commitment and focus everybody!'
That's not artistically relevant, it's just sheer stupidity.

But I AM going to go for it, and take risks and let myself fall over because you can't learn to get back up unless you get on the ground first.